We are workers of the truth. We do our best to make the truth known to you and we tell you the methodology of how to obtain the truth.

We have been delegated by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi to initiate people into spirituality by virtue of Opening of the Heart and whether or not you will be blessed rests completely on God’s decision.

Time has proven that my only interest is to help you. I never asked you to change your religion or even change your lifestyle. This is something very personal. You are free to live the way you want to live. You are free to practise the religion of your choice. Whether you want to become a Muslim or a Christian, Catholic, Jew or Hindu or…

Communicative skills are at our fingertips…so why can’t we communicate with God?

We know very well how important it is to eliminate the communication gap. All the intellectuals in this world lay emphasis on being in contact. So, communication is very important. Especially in our times, communication is not just very important but science has helped us in being connected even remotely. And just with one aspect that science provided us with, we are able to communicate with people without seriously considering the distance. This has made our lives so easy.

Just on the basis of this communication advancement, we have turned into a global village. Anything happening anywhere is no more…

Do not fall for the false missionaries. Be vigilant. Focus on your purpose in life.

If the secrets of God are like a helicopter, your heart is the helipad.

The purpose of our life is undoubtedly to find God and obtain union with God.

Learn to love God. Find the truth. That’s the purpose of our life. But the question is how easy is it to find the truth?

While we are still searching for God, before we even find God, we already become very trustworthy individuals because there are many hurdles. These hurdles are deception and the inability to recognise the truth. Somehow or other it has never been easy to find the truth. There are negative forces around us. There are elements of deception around us. They…

Opening of the inner eye, 100 stages of Spiritual Poverty and the potential dangers of clairvoyance.

The Sufis have the ability to close their eyes and see what is not possible to see with the naked eye. They call it Spiritual Insight or Kashf in spiritual terminology. Kashf simply means disclosure.

A very common type of Spiritual Insight or Disclosure is that the one who is able to see auxiliary spirits that God gifts the divine delegates assist the saint of God in doing spiritual healing. They are the ones who will spiritually scan you and inform you of what kind of illness or disease you are suffering from. They are called Muakkillat.

Now, some people…

The last messenger of God came to this world almost fourteen and a half centuries ago and after the last messenger of God, there were no new messengers. Then came appointed by God, mystic leaders and saints of God. All these great mystics that we know of are from our past.

In reality, we have had no firsthand experience of being in the company of a saint of God. It takes a lot of time for people to learn to maintain the ethical, moral and spiritual protocol of somebody appointed by God. …

From my Master, His Holiness Gohar Shahi, I heard that one who has God in his heart is always happy. He has nothing to lose.

Nobody can snatch God away from you. God is something that cannot be stolen. God is immortal. God is a true friend. He doesn’t part with you.

When you have God in you, you have nothing to worry about. And if you are still worried about things then maybe God is somewhere else, not in your heart.

When you have God in you, you are full of ecstasy.

Knowledge is nothing. One has to have…

Successful are those who live their lives in this world by the style of life prescribed by God.

We were created by God, therefore, he has all the rights on his creation. If the creation becomes rebellious, God will come forward with torment and punishment.

A lot of people have become weary of these guidelines given by God and they have given a new name to trespassing the boundaries drawn by God. A name which is music to the ears: freedom, my choice. It’s not your choice. People need to live their lives according to the guidelines given to them. They have no other choice. Unless you are stubborn enough not to concede to the will of God…

It all depends on your willpower.

When you have failures in life, it takes away your self-esteem.

Confidence is built on ability. For example, when we teach people to drive, we just say, ‘Drive with confidence.’ However, you can’t drive with confidence without having the ability to do so. When you have the ability to do so, you will drive with confidence — even without anybody telling you to.

When we have failures in life, our self-esteem is badly bruised and our ability to trust ourselves is completely shattered. …

It’s easy to talk about self-confidence, but it’s not easy to achieve without spirituality.

A really good friend asked me to speak about positive values in life and how to cope with different situations in which we sometimes feel helpless and clueless.

I would like to insist to everybody who listens to me: you should believe in yourself. When you begin believing in yourself, you will notice you have developed an enormous amount of faith and confidence in yourself.

In order to thrive in life, besides other ingredients and policies, the first and foremost thing you need is belief, faith and confidence in your own self. …

The practice of wearing these amulets is widespread in the Middle East and South Asia, but does Islam allow it?

The following is a transcript of Younus AlGohar’s speech in response to a question by a viewer on ALRA TV who asked, ‘What is your view on the issue of Tawiz? Is it Shirk to wear these amulets?’

Corruption and the opinions of people have become part of the interpretation of every single school of thought within Islam. We’re living at a time when the true knowledge and meaning of the Quran have become extinct.

Although every single denomination within Islam claims to be rightly guided, the result is in front of our eyes. One can clearly see just how…

Younus AlGohar

CEO of the Universal Sufi Order. Ambassador of Peace & Man of Valour. Advocate of interfaith harmony.

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