Attuning Your Heart to Your Body

Become the King of Your Own Being

Your heart is not attuned with your body, therefore, you don’t feel the impact of divine love on your body. As soon as your Self is purified and your body is coordinated with your heart, you will physically feel the impact of divine love.

You need to coordinate the words of your mouth with the verification of your heart to send your prayers to the Lord. Your heart, if enlightened, will take your words and your prayers to the Lord.

How to Successfully Lead Your Body

Your body thinks, “Why should I work or exert?” And this is the problem. You need to be very clever and make a deal with your body. For example, say to your body, “I will let you do this if you do that for me.” Try to convince your body.

I tell those who want to become leaders, “Why don’t you ask your soul to lead your body?” Oh leaders of humanity! Guide your heart, your soul, your body and your ego in the right direction first. Do this before you dream of guiding the humanity. If you cannot lead your body, forget about leading humanity. Charity begins at home. Lead your body successfully to its destination first; in other words, do servitude to your soul. Becoming a leader is not a problem —you just need to become worthy of being a leader.

Where do you begin? Supposition is one thing, but reality is a totally different ball game. Your body, soul, ego and Self are your subjects. You are the king of this little kingdom within you. How successful of a king are you within your own kingdom? How good are you with your subjects? How just are you? Your subjects are ruling you, o’ king! Your Ego and Self inside you are ruling you. Master your spiritual subjects first before you dream of becoming a true king. You have a kingdom inside your body: your body itself, your Self, and the seven faculties* are buried inside you. Make them obey you.

Becoming a king is only through total obedience to the real esoteric king. I am teaching you how to become a king. Learn to control your body, your ego, your desires and your Self. When all the subjects inside you become your ruling subjects and start to obey you, we will declare you as a king. After this is accomplished, you will meet my king, Gohar Shahi.

*According to the knowledge of Sufism, the human body houses seven subtleties which have various functions in the body as well as potential spiritual functions. A comprehensive explanation of the seven subtleties can be found in The Religion of God (Divine Love) by His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

CEO of the Universal Sufi Order. Ambassador of Peace & Man of Valour. Advocate of interfaith harmony.

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