Importance of Communication

We know very well how important it is to eliminate the communication gap. All the intellectuals in this world lay emphasis on being in contact. So, communication is very important. Especially in our times, communication is not just very important but science has helped us in being connected even remotely. And just with one aspect that science provided us with, we are able to communicate with people without seriously considering the distance. This has made our lives so easy.

Just on the basis of this communication advancement, we have turned into a global village. Anything happening anywhere is no more a secret. If anything happens in New Zealand or Australia, we will know at the same time the people there will know.

I would like to invite you to ponder, is it not important for us to be so skilful and even more communicative to the other world? Especially if people think God does exist, why don’t they communicate with him?

Why will you still want to continue to believe in God that you do not communicate with, that you do not want to approach, that you do not want to see?

Just take examples from our phenomenal world where all the communicative skills are at your fingertips. Nobody is out of our reach wherever in the world you go. With the help of the internet and video calls, it’s like you are talking to each other in one room.

There are so many people who do not get tired of giving importance to science. They completely downplay the importance of religions in our lives and this is because they are not aware of the divine powers and the potential that every single human being has been blessed with by God and this potential includes communicative skills.

There are souls in your skeleton, it’s not just a mixture of flesh and bones.

There are some ethereal spirits who live inside you that are in dormant condition and they need to be awaked and as the awakening takes place, their skills will come to the surface, so much so that it will be on the tip of your tongue.

Scientists have studied the sciences, atoms, etc. and have made humongous progress in scientific research, inventions and innovations, and with the help of these scientific innovations, man is now able to travel to other planets. Human beings are already performing intergalactic journeys, reaching up to the galaxies and now trying to know what the black hole has to offer to humanity and why there is so much suction power hidden in those black holes. We are trying to reach everything that we can. All this scientific advancement is coming from human beings like you and me. So the potential is there.

Now, the question is there are so many scientists who are making some wonderful innovations throughout the world but is there anyone who is able to introduce divine technologies and spiritual innovations?

What makes my mind boggle at times is that scientific inventions and innovations are taken with open arms and people are very happy about every scientific innovation but the moment you talk about spiritual innovations and easy ways to find God, people who follow a religion appear to be so easily offended as if the scientists are more powerful than God.

Younus AlGohar is the CEO of the Universal Sufi Order. Read more of his work on his website. He also answers questions from viewers live on ALRA TV every day starting at 10:30 PM GMT.

Learn more about spirituality through His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s comprehensive book, The Religion of God (Divine Love).




CEO of the Universal Sufi Order. Ambassador of Peace & Man of Valour. Advocate of interfaith harmony.

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Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar

CEO of the Universal Sufi Order. Ambassador of Peace & Man of Valour. Advocate of interfaith harmony.

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