Returning to the Origin

Self-realisation leads to God-realisation.

Younus AlGohar
1 min readJan 10, 2018

In reality, everything emerged from within God. Nothing existed for except God himself.

Human beings are the product of the divine expression.

When God expressed himself the desired amount and number of his attributes reflected. However, they took a form and that form sort of travelled from one form to another until that form appeared to be a human being.

In order to travel back and become part of God, from where we all emerged from, we need to dismantle our inner organs and purify those souls and spirits inside our body from all those things which are not part of God. Once we do this, we will attain self-realisation. Self-realisation will then lead us to God-realisation.

This will start with the enlightenment of the Spiritual Heart. The Spiritual Heart is the door to God and self-realisation.

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Younus AlGohar

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